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Welcome to My Chemistry Class

At the beginning, I’d like to tell you about my ojectives in making this blog. It used to be the place for me and my students to share about our chemistry class. After contemplating for a long time, I plan to make to make this blog available for everyone who like to share about their chemistry class. Hope this blog can be very useful not only for my students but also for the other.

Let’s begin this chemistry class by answering this question, “What is Chemistry?”.

Chemistry is the science of substances, or materials, their composition and characteristics, and the reactions which take place between those substances. It is concerned with chemical elements in their pure state and when they are combined, that is, reactions of these elements and the compounds which they form.

Every chemical reaction can be represented with the help of atoms and molecules. It was really necessary, therefore, to develop a special system of chemical symbols. Substances in their pure state, called elements, were sometimes named after the scientists who discovered them. With the help of these chemical symbols, which contain both letters and numbers, chemical reactions can be described in a way which describes the reality of what takes place at the atomic level. Chemistry deals with reactions at the atomic level of substances. In turn, these secrets help chemists formulate chemical laws and scientific information, which help them to better understand the world around us. In our daily lives, chemistry can be found around every corner.

Chemistry at The Beginnings

Many chemical reactions and procedures were being used long before human beings figured out that chemical laws actually governed their behaviour.

The real beginnings of chemistry must be attributed to the developed cultures of times past. We can assume that the Egyptians, as well as the Chinese and ancient Greeks, were at the centre of the progress made in olden times. The inventions and discoveries made back then were often revolutionary, like the invention of gunpowder, which the Chinese discovered in the year 900 A.D. These discoveries often served to spark great progress in the field of natural sciences.

The ancient Greeks explained the nature of matter two different ways. Some claimed that all materials were made of four basic building blocks, or elements: air, water, earth and fire. Chemistry as a science had first to be founded from a philosophical perspective. The word alchemy as such means "black element".

Antoine Lavoisier began the modern era of chemistry by proving the existence of "Oxygenia" through a combustion experiment. The 18th century saw scientific progress accelerated in an unprecedented fashion. New elements were discovered. The foundations of both electrochemistry and organic chemistry were laid. And, scientists began to try to organise matter, or the elements, in a systematic way. In the end, it was Mendeleev and Meyer who found the answer in what is now known as the periodic table of the elements, which is in use to this day.

New elements were discovered. The foundations of both electrochemistry and organic chemistry were laid. The discovery of molecular orbitals in the 20th century helped to explain covalent bonding. Thanks to that discovery, more and more synthetic products (artificially produced) were developed.

Important events in the history of chemistry

3200 B.C. Egyptian scientists produce copper from ore with the help of fire and wooden coal.

3000 B.C. First glass objects made in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

425 B.C. Democritus comes up with the first atomic theory in Greece.

300 B.C. Philosopher chemists formulate the first theory that all matter is made of elements (in Greece: 4-100 elements, in China: 5 elements).

180 B.C. First alchemistry experiments publicised in Egypt.

Around 600 years from the first Egyptian alchemistry attempts, the science reaches the Arab world.

900 A.D. The Chinese discover gunpowder.

Organised religion, specifically the Catholic Church, resists any and all new discoveries, keeping inventors and scientists from publicising their theories. The development of chemistry is greatly slowed, if not made completely impossible.

1661 Robert Boyle casts doubt on classical models and comes up with a new definition of the "element".

1766 Henry Cavendish discovers hydrogen.

1782 Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovers oxygen, calling it the "spirit of fire". Joseph Priestley comes up with the same discovery independently two years later.

1782 Antoine L. Lavoisier discovers that matter is neither created nor destroyed in chemical reactions, the law of conservation of mass.

1783 Antoine L. Lavoisier shows that oxygen and hydrogen can be burned together to form water.

1799 Joseph L. Proust shows that elements always combine in certain constant proportions of their mass (the law of constant proportions).

1803 John Dalton proposes his atomic model.

1807 Humphry Davy performs the first electrolysis separation, of table salt, into calcium and sodium.

1828 Friedrich Wöhler synthesises an organic resin from inorganic reactants.

1860 Robert W. Bunsen and Gustav R. Kirchhoff first discover an element, cesium, using spectroscopy.

1871 Dmitri Mendeleev and Lothar Meyer publish their periodic table of the elements.

1884 Svante Arrhenius comes up with the theory of electrolytic dissociation.

1909 Sven Peter Srensen introduces the pH scale.

1920s Crystal structures begin to be investigated through X-ray structural analysis.

1937 Emilio Sergré synthesises the first man-made element - technecium.

1939 Linus C. Pauling introduces the first broad, modern theory of organic bonding.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Online Education – Today's Buzzword

Students world over are whole-heartedly accepting online education. The advantages of online education have made it the popular mode of education among the students of all age groups in all parts of the world. This growing popularity of online education has led to the emergence of a large number of educational institutions offering online education for a wide range of subjects. The growth of educational institutions offering relearning facilities has been significantly high in the US, Europe and the developed nations of the world.

Online Education- Changing Perception

In the past people perceived online education as an unserious and unscrupulous way of laying hands of a fast degree and getting good grades without much effort and hard work. People also had doubts about the reputation of education institutes offering online education. However, the times have changes significantly and today the majority of educational institutions offering online education are well established. Most of the world’s leading education institutions have commenced online programs, which vindicate the validity of online education. Most of the online courses offer in-depth learning to the students in their respective educational modules.

Factors Contributing To The Growth of Online Education

Online education is becoming popular because most of the educational institutions offering online courses ensure qualitative learning. Talented professors and subject matter experts are at the helm of affairs at almost all accredited universities and colleges offering online courses and online degree programs. The students can be assured of good results in such courses.

Here are some factors that have contributed to the fast paced growth of online education:

· Flexible schedule

The biggest advantage of online education is that the students can do effective utilization of their time, which is the most precious resource. People participating in online education have the freedom of maintaining a flexible schedule, which helps them tremendously and it has come as a boon for the people who are working and want to continue their education.

· Student-Centered Learning

The students in online education have an advantage because they are in charge of their learning experience. The students can prioritize their schedule and complete the assignments as per their comfort levels and convenience. This is possible because the teachers in online mode of education are not teaching you all the time. As an online student, you have the liberty to select the mode of learning.

· Fair Playing Field

Online education is growing in popularity because it offers a level playing field to all the students. When you are learning online, your performance is the only criterion that affects the decision-making and your gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, and other considerations do not cloud the decision making process. This is one of the major factors contributing to the growth of online education.

All these advantages of online education may prompt you to join e learning. However, before you take the plunge and enroll in an online course, please make sure that you are familiar with the methodology of online education.

Classroom Management Tools For Teaching Rules and Procedures

A teacher is also a manager. Whether you are a new or seasoned teacher, you are expected to hold a class of thirty five students from the minute you close the door to the minute you exit. So what is the secret behind classroom management?

The key is to decide in advance how you want your students to behave in your lessons and make these expectations crystal clear to your students. Teach students the rules and procedures as deliberately and thoroughly as you would teach academic content. Be explicit about desirable behavior. Describe your rules as completely as you can and install your procedures more systematically.

Consistently enforce your rules. During the first week of school and beyond, spend as much time on management issues as you do on academic content.

Remember the two R's: Review and reinforce these management issues.

Inform the students of penalties and under which situations they will be used for. Make sure your students know when, why, and under what circumstances they will be administered. Children love to test the classroom limits!

An effective manager has a proactive approach to managing the classroom. By proactive I mean the plan a teacher has on that important first day of school. Proactive managers greet students at the door, introduce students to each other, have easy review materials for them to work on, and teach the class appropriate procedures for work.

Keep your tasks monitored in a large group setting so that students don't have a chance to be off-task.

To receive your free ebook, "Taking Charge in the Classroom" and your free weekly ezine containing tips, news and other information for new teachers, visit the New Teacher Resource Center at http://www.newteachersignup.com

Methodologies of Online Education

There were many myths and misconceived notions about online education until recent past. Some people believed that online learning is a good option only for students who have a good track record. It was also believed that only those students having access to computers and modern means of communication would benefit from online education. However, with time such notions are giving way to an open acceptance where people have started accepting online education as a viable alterative for conventional education.

Not all online education options have a similar methodology and approach. There are various modes of online education available and it would be better if you have an understanding of different methodologies in use by online education providers so that you can select the course with the methodology that suits you the best. Here we are discussing the learning methodologies for online education:

Online Education Methodologies- Different Options

Live: This methodology is also known as synchronous mode of learning. In this mode of online education, there is instant communication between the students and teachers and at times even among different students. Herein all the participants get access to information simultaneously. Virtual classroom using the facility of video or audio conferencing and real-time chat are some examples of this mode of online education.

This learning methodology has its advantages and disadvantages. This mode is more akin to the conventional education except for the fact that the students don’t have to travel to the classrooms. The biggest advantage of synchronous method of online education is that it allows instant feedback for the student’s performance and allows active interaction among the students and teachers. Thus the students can get the training and education that is tailored suit their needs. Moreover, live education also facilitates the setting up of learning communities and groups for a better interaction among the learners.

This method has the disadvantage that the students cannot plan their schedule and they are bound by the pre-set schedule.

Asynchronous: Asynchronous mode of online education is popularly termed as store and forward education. In this method, the communication between the student and teacher is not instant. Self-paced courses are the examples of asynchronous online education where the students communicate with the teachers and amongst themselves by exchanging emails and posting messages on online bulletin boards and discussing groups. This is the more popular mode of online education because it offers more convenience and flexibility to the students and they can decide the pace and schedule for their education and training.

Despite of the advantages, this mode of online education has its disadvantages too. The students in this mode of learning, lack discipline and motivation and generally tend to develop a lackluster attitude towards education.

The mixed mode of learning in online education combines the advantages of both the modes and it is a combination of personal lectures or face-to-face interaction learning through online activities.

Now that you have a better understanding of different methodologies of online education, you can pick up the right one for you and enhance your skills.

Distance Learning - Education for the 21st Century

Chances are you know someone who is working toward a college or post-college degree via the Internet. Perhaps you yourself have attended online classes to continue your education, obtain a certification, or to improve you chances for advancement in your job.

More and more people are finding they can earn their degree from an accredited online university which offers the same challenge and quality of a traditional classroom in an environment which allows them to fit education into a life that might be too busy for a more conventional method of instruction.

According to a recent government study, about 127,400 distance education courses were offered in 2001–02, and there were about 3.1 million enrollments in distance education. Over one-half of all postsecondary education institutions offered distance education, and another 12 percent planned to offer distance education in the next 3 years.

Distance education is defined as education or training courses delivered to a remote (off-campus) location via audio, video, or computer technologies. Courses conducted exclusively on campus, as well as classes conducted exclusively via written correspondence, are not included in this definition of distance.

It is increasingly clear that technology has expanded the ability of students to participate in postsecondary education. Virtually every type of learner can benefit from some form of online education. In addition to the rapid proliferation of new courses and programs, colleges and universities are taking advantage of the Internet to enhance the admissions process and give potential students the opportunity to apply online.

Online education enables you to learn without causing a major upheaval in your life. You can access online class rooms using any Internet connection, anytime and practically anywhere. This round-the-clock access allows you to download assignments, read and participate in class discussions, review faculty feedback, and much more, all at times which are convenient to your professional and personal schedule. Many students find that this added flexibility, which does not sacrifice quality, helps keep them on track toward their goals more readily than with the rigid scheduling of a traditional learning environment.

There is also evidence that a portion of those students who participate in postsecondary education in their homes or workplace would not otherwise enroll in postsecondary education. Thus, it appears that technology is opening up new markets of potential students without significantly diminishing the number of students who would enroll in traditional colleges and universities, many of which also are offering technology-mediated distance education.

Distance learners are also generally happy with their online learning experience. A large-scale national study of student participation in distance education addressed student satisfaction of distance education classes and, when asked how satisfied they were with their distance education classes compared to their regular classes, a majority of both undergraduate and graduate students were at least as satisfied or more satisfied with the quality of teaching in their distance education classes compared with their regular classes.

Perhaps it is time to focus attention on the more basic question of how students learn, regardless of the delivery system. Technology-mediated distance learning is evolving so quickly it’s difficult for education experts to set standards that adequately address the current status and the future potential of the online learning experience.

Because experimental studies comparing distance education courses with campus-based courses have been based upon the premise that campus-based courses are the “gold standard,” which may be open to question, it may be advisable to abandon these studies. It appears that addressing how students learn and focusing on outcomes assessment would be more productive.

Several organizations have developed standards and guidelines to ensure quality distance education, including the Southern Regional Electronic Campus, the National Education Association, and the Western Cooperative for Educational Telecommunications. These guidelines cover areas such as course development, evaluation and assessment, faculty support, and institutional support. Among the benchmarks, interactivity—between student and faculty, student and student, and student and information—is the single most essential element for effectiveness in distance education.

It is clear that online learning and distance education are here to stay. The benefits are compelling, especially to those who have succeeded in completing their education or adding a much needed certification to their credentials through an online educational experience.

Earn Passive Income Online - It's Time to Change Your Life Today

I've got news for you: it is really not hard at all to earn passive income online. Anyone can do it, but most people won't, simply because it takes several months of hard work before you start to see any significant return on your investment.

Many people begin the process, but they never even get close to finishing it. They assume that all these people online who claim to have made money on the Internet are either lying or insanely lucky, and move on with their lives.

I'm not denying that it's difficult to keep working, writing non-stop, when you can't see any progress. The key is to believe in yourself and keep writing. Remind yourself why you want to earn passive income online - is it the freedom from a 9-hour work day? To spend more time with your kids?

Always keep your end goals in mind. Tape a picture of a European vacation or a sports car to remind yourself what you can and will accomplish if you keep working as hard as you can.

One of the best ways to earn passive income online is with a website that you keep continually updated with information that is relevant to a certain group of people. Do not try to be a generalist - specialize! Know your audience backward and forward, whether they are Lexus enthusiasts or stamp collectors.

Then, learn the products they need to get more enjoyment out of their passion. Join affiliate programs with these products, buy them yourself, and review them. Make your research as objective as possible, so your readers can learn to trust your advice.

Your goal should be able to give honest advice, and gain people's trust and respect. This attitude creates repeat customers, and multiple sales in the future are worth much more to you than one quick sale of a poor product that loses your reader's trust in you forever.

In all things you do to earn passive income online, remember that your focus should always be on creating a long-term profit stream. Don't spend your time or money on fads or get rich quick schemes.

There is no easy way to make money online, or everyone would already be doing it. But the work you put in for your first year can easily still be paying you five to ten years from now.

Take a deep breath, and make the commitment to invest in your future. Read some more tips on how to earn passive income online and how to bid goodbye to a so-called "normal" career - forever! - at my website: Best-Passive-Income.com

Secrets of Online Business Success For Beginners

Why not? Your want own online business. The online business is the very perspective and lucrative for all that know how to do. If you are beginner must to know the secrets of Online Business Success.

The Internet marketing is the best making money resource for students, mothers, people with an injury, pensioners, people that love FREEDOM and people that want some more money. The Internet business is skyline for many online marketers, I need will be and for you.

You may be inspired by the success online millionaires. Remind you may really achieve a steady online income stream too. The facts show that those who approach constructive and step by step improve your knowledge and skills always succeed. This process is neither easy nor quick.

Money making online business has never been easier. If you want to make serious money online and wish to make internet marketing your profession is need to use the The Magic Rules to Online Business Success.

Study and Learn every day from those who have online business success and implement their methods and strategies.
Understand and do not forget: Do not spend money before learn basic of internet marketing.
Calculate, Plan and Test Everything.
Cash do not make quick online.
Easy money online have not - do not believe before discuss with other.
Safety is something very important for your online business.
Success usually comes if you have good knowledge and skills.

You will be bombarded with emails, online ads and all sorts of materials online/offline telling you that you can be the next internet millionaire.

To be the next internet millionaire is not impossible but is very difficult if you have not ? great idea, good knowledge and skills and good budget.

Every serious beginner must to start from researching and learning the basic on online marketing. Research, read, study everything you can on Internet marketing before you start in. This is the thing end of the wedge for a beginner.

The best place to Get started are online forums. Taking part in online discussion forums gives you two priorities. It allows you to drum up business for your products and gives you input from a customers point of view.

By asking and answering questions you will get a better feel for what exactly your prospects are looking for. What problems do they have? What do they feel would be the best way to solve these problems? Which do they think's the most pressing problem that needs to be addressed? How to build,develop, optimize and register your site. How to promote your business and how to make money online.

Well…. If you are brand new to e-commerce and want to figure out how to make money online. You must to know and the basic tasks.

The basic tasks of any online business are:

1.Researching to see how to make money online and learn the basic of Internet marketing
2.Learn internet marketing from online marketing experts.

3.Building a website.

4.Creating content for your website that will draw people.

5.Getting traffic to your website.

6.Using e-mail to keep your existing customers.

7.Earning money from your online business.

Everybody Can Learn How To Make Money Online. To succeed online use Magic Formula to Online Business Success: Learn how to....from the best online expert. Improve your knowledge and skills on online marketing. Plan and test everything. assure the security of your online business. Do not believe before research and discuss with other . Do not spend money before learn basic of internet marketing. Remember, money online do not make easy and quick. To succeed is need time, succession and many many knowledge and skills on online marketing. If you use the Magic Formula to Online Business Success be sure that you will achieve your goal.

Article Source:

Maria Bumbarova,
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How to Start up your own Online Business

Every aspirant is confronted with the same question- What online business should I get into? This is the trickiest of all the questions before you set out. Because you know all too well, that the success of your new career rests on this one decision more than anything else. However, choosing a line of business is likely to land you up in what can be now famously termed as home based online business scam.

No matter what, the benefits of owning an online business are really astonishing. The overheads in an online business are typically low in comparison to an offline business. One biggest advantage of starting an online business is the low startup investment in addition to the flexible working time.

How to Startup an Online Business

There are quite a few technical aspects of starting up an online business. These include

  1. Website building,
  2. Setting up domain names,
  3. Handling the website hosting.
The investment needed to startup an online business isn't anymore small. Risks involved are also far greater now than before. But proven and successful internet online business are multiplying profits and creating new internet moguls by the hour. The most successful of them are air tickets, hotels reservation, books, music CDs and software. Starting of an online business is not just AdSense dependent as it becomes clear with this. This typically drives the point that traditional retail business online is a hit with customers than pure-play .coms. The sine qua non for a profitable online business is a set of organized processes management and efficient logistics.

Often, the needs of an online business are digital and electronic as opposed to physical needs in a brick-n-mortar business. Nonetheless, it is the flexibility to change, adopt to the rules of online business and the need to stay informed rule the roost. Online business can best be run by understanding intricate uses of internet. Visitors who wander aimlessly over the internet don't bring much money.

Investment sources, which were scarce earlier on, have only shrugged off their shyness of the ‘bubble burst era' and are showing a newfound interest in online startups; a welcome change for a small online business entrepreneur.

Must Remember Points

Although starting up an online business is cheaper in comparison to offline business startup this is the danger of getting sucked into the band wagon. Most startups begin with just a dream idea but lacking in planning department chronically. Consequently many of them fail within five years. Even while some float, not many online startups make enough money.

The dream of search engine optimizing to million dollars earning may fade out as fast as you realize the mammoth competition. As had been with many online startups, the only people who happen to know of your online business other than you are your service providers who have to care as long as you got to pay your fees.

You must be alert with your online business and must be fully aware of the role the traffic plays in the online income growth.

5 Reason To Get Started In Online Business VS. Traditional Business

It is so much easier to have and run a business today then it was 60+ years ago. The Internet has opened a whole new level of business opportunity. There is millions and millions of dollar circulating online no matter where you would go, ex: ebay, google, amazon...etc. Today you don't need so much computer skills or programming skills to make money online. You could either pay some one to make you a professional website (under $1000) or just buy one online, it's that simple. Where as 60+ years ago your parents had to have 100 thousands of dollars so you could start your own business or you parents had to pass their business to you. So in this page I'll demonstrate why making money online is much more simple and show the 4 Main reasons and advantages of making money online then the traditional industry style.

1. Investing less money
Today internet has given us a huge advantage compared to 60+ years ago. First of all the advantage to access millions and millions of information, it's endless. And mainly it has given us the advantage to make money. People make money online everyday and you wouldn't even realize how until you find the right system. The great thing about making money online is that it give an opportunity to make money for normal and average people that have enough money for a living. Any one could start an online business. It just takes that first step. There is no need to invest $100,000's to have a huge success. Where as in earlier times, people needed huge amounts of money to start any business so that's why people never tried making more money then they had already. They didn't have enough money to invest so it was very hard for them to start a business unless they've came up with a 5 billion dollar idea. All that is gone today. Normal people go to college and you wouldn't even believe how much money they make online while sitting with their laptops between class periods. Today you don't need so called "business Partners" to rip you off. You do everything on your own because it's easy to manage. I will mention that first you'll need to get introduced to they program that you'll be making money with. So the first advantage I picked in online business is "Investing less money," that gives the flexibility and a chance for everyone to make thousands every month.

2.No Hassle
The second advantage in online business is obviously there is less hassle then the normal types of industrial businesses. You wake up in the morning and there's no need to run around to get all the supplies for you store or your production company. Everything is controlled with your finger tips on your computer. Every supply is available online. No need to make 1 million phone calls a day. You focus on what you need. There's no such thing as making interviews for a job. So this already eliminates you from hassle that lot of business people face and fail on daily. And more to add to this, you don't have workers to pay. Nobody runs after you to get checks from you. You don't owe no one anything they owe you, that's how online business is. And finally you do not need to buy $100,000 tools for your business. In the normal type of business weather you would run a pizza place, auto mechanic shop, smog shop, gas station...etc. you'll need to buy expensive tools for your business. Forget about paying others so much money, it's time for everyone else to pay you. Do not kill yourself trying so hard to make your business work, take the easy way "online business."

2. Easy management
Online Business makes management easy. You are the BOSS! You are the Secretary, President, vice president, editor...etc. Everything is control by you. Whatever you choose you get it. And everything is control in you computer. No special college courses or programs necessary. One of my favorite things about online business is that you do not need to hire any workers. You don't need to waste your energy on hiring them, bossing them around, and the then firing them. Instead focus on how you could get more money online. There is no such thing as ware house or stores in online business. No managers, no workers and no $100,000 machines and tools. And most importantly no complaining for picky customers. It's that much easier then traditional business. Everything is controlled from your computer.

Online business gives you options, styles, and more then 100's and 1000's of ways to make money. You are flexible. In traditional business if you want to open a pizza place you'll need to open your store in more populated areas so you would have more customers. That doesn't happen in online business. People will pay you from all over the world. So forget about finding the right corner or the right street so you could get lots of customers. Second, you are free to choose any type of online business you would like. There is literarily 100's of categories to make money online. Let it be sports, cars, computers, music you name it, money will come at you from all directions. People are happy to have online business' because they spend could time with their family and kids more. College students manage to study and at the same time run an online business. So they have enough money for paying for their classes.

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Blogging For Dollars - 5 Ways to Get Paid

By Charles Boustany Platinum Quality Author

Blogging for dollars is one of those phrases that sound good. The thought that you could get paid to write comments and articles in a blog is extremely exciting. There are many ways you can make money with your blog and were going to talk about five ways you can do it in this article.

1. A common way that bloggers earn money is to put Google AdSense ads on their blog. You can add these to the header or footer and have them automatically show up in each blog post. You can also place them in the sidebar and they will make it in every blog article too.

Google owns Blogger and they make it very easy to add to the Blogger.com platform. WordPress offers excellent plug-ins to easily install Google AdSense ads.

If you are not an approved affiliate you will need to join the program first. It's worth the effort to get approved for because this is easy money and can add up to several hundred dollars or even thousands of dollars a month in income to you.

2. Another common blogging for dollars approach is to join affiliate programs and place banners on your website. The nice thing about the banners is they contain your affiliate ID number.

Every time someone makes a purchase you earn a commission. There are millions of affiliate programs online so finding something that relates to the theme of your blog is easy to do.

3. There are bloggers earning six and seven-figure incomes a year with their blogs. When you achieve this level you are selling advertising to corporations or other Internet marketers with large advertising budgets.

At this point the majority of your time is spent on creating useful content and keeping your traffic numbers up to justify the fees your advertisers are paying you.

4. Text link advertising is done by smaller bloggers. This is pretty easy money because the advertisers pay you to place their text link on your sidebar.

5. Some bloggers will insert affiliate links into the text of the body of the blog article they are writing. This is a natural way to drive traffic to your affiliate sales pages because as people are reading the blog article they will automatically click on the link in front of them.

There certainly are more blogging for dollar tips we could add to this article. However this is five ways that bloggers commonly get paid every day for maintaining a quality blog with good traffic to it.

Charles C. Boustany invites you to visit his affiliate marketing website -http://www.godoitrightnow.com/ where you will find  more ideas and resources needed to start your own online money making business, using  Blogging Strategies without having your own product or website.

Start a Blog Or Build a Website? Which is a Better Way to Start an Online Business?

By Julie Onofrio Platinum Quality Author

There are two ways to create an online business. You can either create a blog and use it as a content management system or you can build a full website. Which is better? It depends on your goals.

A blog is really just a software system. It has been equated with a personal journal but people are now using blogs to create online businesses. Wordpress is my favorite blogging system because you can set it up and optimize it just like a website. The best plugins to use are the xml sitemap and the SEO pack along with one of the spam filters. These plugins will give your blog/website the best chance of getting found by the search engines.

The one problem with blogs in general is that most of the layouts are very busy with too much information for a reader. The general way a person reads a webpage is from left to right and the left column is usually a nav bar in most websites because people are used to reading this way. If you are going to start a blog find a 2 column template and one that also does not go full width of the window to control where the readers eyes fall and want to move to naturally.

When you build a basic website with a tool like Site Build it!'s blockbuilder it will automatically set up the nav bar on the left and when you choose to center the page, your readers will be more interested in your content and ads or promotions.

I do both blogging and building sites with Site Build it! and SBI! gets me much better results even if I set up the blog just like the optimized pages on SBI! If you aren't familiar with Site Build it! Site build it! is a website and business development system. You can find out more on my website below.

Julie Onofrio a massage therapist turned infopreneur (website geek) specializes in creating optimized sites using Site Build it and has learned most everything about being successful online from their website and business building system that includes an xml sitemap and seo analyzer so your pages will be the best that they can be. You can find out more on her website - http://www.workless-playmore.com

Make Money Online - The 3 Most Asked Questions Answered

By Steve Levi Platinum Quality Author

There are many different ways that you can turn your own personal thoughts and feelings into a virtual cash register. Millions of people in the world today have their own blogs. They write down their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on many different things. Something happens, however, when you notice that you have begun to develop a large readership. You realize that, with so many people visiting and getting pleasure from your work, there should be some kind of a payoff for you. Other than voicing your opinions of course. I am talking about making money from your passion. Making money from your blog has never been easier and I am going to give you some tips on how to do that in this article.

Below are going to be the top 3 questions I get in relation to how people make money online.

1. "What is the number one key to making money online"? Traffic generation, plain and simple. In any endeavor, whether it be your own website, affiliate marketing, or on a blog, if you are going to have any chance to make money, you have to get a lot of traffic. Now, there are many ways to get traffic, such as pay per click advertising, search engine optimization, and numerous social networking methods. Getting into that is beyond the scope of this article. Think of it like this, if the corner store on your street didn't have any customers coming into the store, they wouldn't ever be able to make money, right? It's the same on the internet. You have to create traffic in order to have potential for profit.

2. "What method can I use in order to make money online"? There are quite a few different ways that you can make a decent income by working online. The most popular is that of affiliate marketing. This is where you put ads, or text links, to products from merchants, and when a visitor on your site clicks the ad or link, they are taken to the merchant's web site. If that person makes a purchase, you will get a pre-determined commission off of the sale. Another is in using Google AdSense. You can sign up with the search engine giant Google, place some code on your website that creates the ads, and when your visitor clicks on the ad you get paid. Google AdSense is good in that you don't rely on the person buying something. This is called pay per click. There are other pay per click programs out there but, by far, Google is the most popular. Another way is to, of course, create and sell your own products. That is pretty self-explanatory.

3. "How much money can I make online"? Well, being perfectly honest, you can become quite wealthy from your online endeavors. The possibilities are literally endless. But, just as in the real physical world, you will get out of it whatever you put into it. If someone tells you that you can make thousands of dollars a day and you only have to work an hour a day to do it, well, chances are good that they are lying to you. But if you work hard, learn how everything works and apply what you have learned, you can honestly expect to make a good living while working from the comfort of your home.

I was just like you at one time, I was curious to find out if it was true that I could Make Money Online and then I accidentally stumbled across the website of a man that would become my mentor. Yaro Starak took me by the hand and taught me how to make a lot of money from the internet. It wasn't enough for him to tell me how, he took the time to show it to me, step by step, and eventually I began to Make Money Online on my own. I suggest you give him a chance to do the same for you.

Ideas For Your Creative New Blog Header

By Cassandra Germsheid Platinum Quality Author

Creating a header for your blog is one of the best ways to make it unique and stand out from the crowd. When you're trying to come up with an idea for your new header, you may be drawing a blank. I've got a few ideas that will help kickstart those creative gears in your head.

Just Text - I've seen a lot of great blog headers that are simply text. Using typography to make your blog stand out is gutsy but can result in a beautiful header. Find a snazzy font - there are tons of free fonts available on the web to download - and use your favorite image editing program to create a cool graphic with your blog title.

Add some text effects to make it anything but generic. You can even make it look like it's 3D, shiny, or glowing. Try using different colors for certain letters, add a copy of the text flipped upside down to create a mirror effect, or create text using other images. There are lots of ways to get creative with text.

Photography - Some headers are nothing but a photo. A scenic landscape, a city skyline, or a row of cute babies smiling for the camera can make a memorable image for your blog readers.

If you want to get even more creative, design multiple headers and have them rotate each time the page is refreshed. This is a great idea for people with photoblogs who like to showcase their own work.

Minimal - If you have a busy theme or you want to direct the focus on something in particular, you may want to choose a header that doesn't attract a lot of attention.

A simple blog title may suffice, or a small logo. This works well for blogs that already have a brand that is recognizable.

Grunge - There are lots of grunge images and textures that you can download for free. Grab a few, splice them together, and create your own unique header with them.

While you're looking for some grunge textures, find some grunge fonts to go with it. A dark grunge background with a white grungy text over top would look great on a personal blog.

Color - Using bright, vibrant colors for your header is extremely eye-catching. It could be something really abstract (in which case many examples can be found on free stock photography and images sites) or you can use a mixture of images that add a lot of color contrast.

In one blog header I designed, I took one image of an apple, duplicated it twice, and changed the color of the second two images resulting in a row of three colorful apples. It was simple and eye-catching at the same time and the same idea could be implemented for any niche blog using different images.

If you can't decide on one idea, why not try more than one? Some blogs are known to change their headers regularly. In some cases this could confuse your readers, but if done properly, it could end up being something that makes your blog unique. Your readers will expect the change and look forward to seeing what you come up with next.

Cassandra Germsheid is the owner of http://mamasontheweb.com where she helps moms and dads earn money online. Visit her site to learn more about how to make your blog unique.

New Internet Darling - Twitter

In everyday life, with children, long hours and piles of laundry, it may be difficult to find time to nurture friendships.

This is the basis for a new service that makes it possible to send small messages to friends. This will share the everyday experiences of those who are close to - without being actually close. The service called twitter.

The philosophy behind Twitter is that friendships based on mutual sharing of experiences and thoughts in the present and that relationship does not depend on how much that is shared. It is small talk that means something to maintain friendships.

I am taking a naked shower in a fountain 
Twitter is an open channel for anyone who cares to read what you have to say, and it serves as a wonderful combination of SMS, messenger, and MySpace.

Twitter is personally communicated mass sharing of experiences, thoughts and feelings at the moment they arise. Messages can be send via a limited of 140 characters, so they can be passed as an sms.

The service is not intended to send lengthy descriptions but to tell what they are doing right now. You can send your friends a little quick message as "Now I am drinking a beer in Paris" or "I am taking a naked shower in a fountain."

Twitter can be used from both mobile phones and computers, and it is possible to send to all persons associated with one's profile at the same time.

The service can be updated by both the browser and mobile RSS reader, or instant messaging program, and recipients can also choose the platform they want to receive messages.

You feel alive 
According to business newspaper, the Financial Times, is Twitter the hottest names in Silicon Valley, and the service is predicted to be a huge hit in line with YouTube and MySpace.

The Danish communications expert Henrik Byager agrees that the platform can become very powerful. 
"It gives a Sense of closeness - we feel to be a part of each others lives - very important especially for younger users," says Henrik Byager.

"Many long to be in contact with each other all the time and if the service is working properly, there is no doubt that many will take it to heart."

"The constant exchange of feelings and experiences gives a feeling that users are alive."

Basically the service is free and you can sign and free update via computer. If you wish to update via his mobile phone, you are nevertheless charged SMS rates. It is free to receive messages on all platforms.

Twitter is created for an immediate flow of information and relevant news stories are retweet'ede as they happen. Many company profiles on twitter However, usually directed at product launches and industry news - and thus not participate directly in a dialogue. It may therefore be necessary to organize Tweets, and allow them to be published in the future. This is now possible through Tweet later - a professional twitter tool - 
Try it our for free!

Four Top Tips to Make Money From Blogging

By Dave C T

One of the main ways people seek to make money online is through the idea of running blogs. It is considered by many as a simple way for anyone to be successful online. The numerous ebooks and courses that you can buy telling you just how to make money online is immense. However do they tell you the real truth, is it really that easy to make money blogging? I have been making money blogging now for over 4 years, read on to find my top tips.

1) Never blog just to make money - the idea of setting up a blog to make money is what lots of people want to do, however setting up a blog for this sole purpose on most occasions wont work. Readers will see that this is what you are doing and it is very unlikely that they will return on a regular basis.

2) Specialise - A generic "make money blog" will struggle to get the traffic as the keywords are very competitive. So pick a subject that is close to your heart and then write about that. If the subject is something you have an interest in, your passion and your knowledge of the subject will come through in what you write, readers will see this and come back time and time again.

3) Prepare to spend time consistently - Blogs like most things take time to bed in and mature so don't expect a lot of visitors coming to your blog in the early days. Visit your blog on a regular basis and write fresh and unique content if you can everyday or at least 3 times per week

4) Too many adverts can be a bad thing - Only place a few adverts on your site, placing to many on your blog could put readers off coming back to visit your site again. In the early days this is even more important. Try to keep the adverts down to a minimum in the early days and focus on the content.

By following these tips, there is no reason why anyone can't make money online. Keep the search engines happy with unique content and keep your readers happy with a nice looking site, and over time the hits and the income should follow.

The most important thing about blogging, is to have fun doing it, as this will come across in the way you write. Wishing you all the success you desire.

The author has been making money online with his blog http://blog.lottomad.info for the last 4 years, with over 3,000 posts now it is fast becoming well known across the internet. He firmly believes that with a little bit of hard work anyone can achieve anything they want to.

Blogging Tips - How to Get Your Blog Noticed in a BIG Way

By Fabian Tan Platinum Quality Author

There are hundreds of blogging tips that you can put to good use but if you are a beginner then the first thing you need to know is that blogging helps in many ways. With the help of a blog post, you can share information about a specific subject, product, service, or even share tutorials. Secondly, you can use a blog to upload your daily routine so that your friends know what you have been up to and where all you have been.

A blog can be used by freelancers as a portfolio highlighting their skill like writing, designs, or specialized content like travel content. A blog can also be used for attracting customers and sending them to your website. Now all this is possible but you will have to identify what you really need a blog for and this is one of the important blogging tips.

One of the most important blogging tips revolves around the opportunity to create online visibility and drive targeted traffic to your website. In doing so, you are not only increasing the viewership of your website but also will help in getting a higher rank for your website on search engines. This can be made possible only if you use necessary keywords, informative and interesting content in your blog posts and also provide the link to your website so that readers can click to reach there. The more information you provide regarding your business, the higher the visibility of your blog and this can drive a lot of traffic to your website.

Fabian Tan is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the author of the popular 59-page Report:

"Murder Your Job: How To Build Cash Sucking Autopilot Businesses In 30 Days Or Less!"

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Tips For Successful Online Blog Network Marketing

he act of blog network marketing consists of creating an online blog that will be used to advertise and promote your products and/or services that are coming from your main business. Below you will find a helpful list of tips that can be used to make the most out of your blog network marketing.

- First and foremost, know your audience. Take a good long look at the products and services you offer, and then try to ask yourself what types of people are going to be searching for the products you offer. Finding your demographic is important to your overall strategy.

- Once you know who your target market is, try to find out what that demographic likes to read about on the internet. Matching the content you put on your blog with the people who will be reading it is key to getting return visitors as well as referrals to your site.

- Update your content regularly to ensure that your visitors always have something new and exciting to read. It's hard to get repeat visitors when you never update anything for them to read. People won't come back to your site only to find the same, unchanged information.

- Check out your competition. See what they are doing for their visitors, and then try to improve upon it so that you can win over new visitors to your site and get above your competition.

- FirePow 2.0 is a wonderfully effective piece of software that can help you to greatly improve your online presence when you have a niche business.

Effective blog network marketing is really easy if you follow the tips outlined above. Create the most effective blog that you can and you will see the results quickly. Getting more visitors to your blog is the way to get more visitors to your site, and therefore more sales as well.

Aaron Lam is a make money part time online expert and the director of Aaron-lam.com. Aaron Lam provides honest information and advice on things like blog network marketing and much more. Check out his website today!

Tips For Successful Online Blog Network Marketing

he act of blog network marketing consists of creating an online blog that will be used to advertise and promote your products and/or services that are coming from your main business. Below you will find a helpful list of tips that can be used to make the most out of your blog network marketing.

- First and foremost, know your audience. Take a good long look at the products and services you offer, and then try to ask yourself what types of people are going to be searching for the products you offer. Finding your demographic is important to your overall strategy.

- Once you know who your target market is, try to find out what that demographic likes to read about on the internet. Matching the content you put on your blog with the people who will be reading it is key to getting return visitors as well as referrals to your site.

- Update your content regularly to ensure that your visitors always have something new and exciting to read. It's hard to get repeat visitors when you never update anything for them to read. People won't come back to your site only to find the same, unchanged information.

- Check out your competition. See what they are doing for their visitors, and then try to improve upon it so that you can win over new visitors to your site and get above your competition.

- FirePow 2.0 is a wonderfully effective piece of software that can help you to greatly improve your online presence when you have a niche business.

Effective blog network marketing is really easy if you follow the tips outlined above. Create the most effective blog that you can and you will see the results quickly. Getting more visitors to your blog is the way to get more visitors to your site, and therefore more sales as well.

Aaron Lam is a make money part time online expert and the director of Aaron-lam.com. Aaron Lam provides honest information and advice on things like blog network marketing and much more. Check out his website today!

Blogging Marketing - Free, Fun and Effective!

When you create any online business, marketing is one of the very most important things you can possibly do if you want to increase the popularity and sales you are getting from your business. Blogging marketing is one of the best marketing methods you can do, and here is how to do it.

The first step to blogging marketing is to sign up for a free blog through either WordPress or Google's own Blogger platform. From there, you will create a blog that relates closely with the site you have created for your business.

The next easy step is to start creating blog posts regularly on this new blog. Make sure that every post you make has a link to your main website at the bottom. You may also want to create a link in the side bar that also links directly to your main website. This will help visitors to your blog make it to your main site so that they can hopefully make a purchase.

Use your blog as a way to connect with your regular visitors. It can be a great place also to post about upcoming products and services, or even to post informative information regarding the niche your site is about. You can also get helpful comments this way, that can help you improve your business by getting advice directly from your customers.

Continue updating your blog so that users continue to come back for more content, and hopefully more sales as well.

Blogging marketing is really easy to do. The best part is that it is completely free, which makes it affordable to absolutely anybody. To save time, you may want to write up a bunch of blog posts in one setting, and then post them to your blog once a week or so.

Aaron Lam is an automated home based business expert and the director of Aaron-lam.com. Aaron Lam provides honest information and advice on things like blogging marketing and much more. Check out his website today!

Blogging Tips - What Do You Need on Your Blog?

A question I often get asked is this one. "What do I need on my blog?" I can understand why people would ask it. Truth is, there isn't one answer that will fit everybody, which is why this article may or may not be of help to you. What I'm going to try to do is give you some examples of things you might want to put on your blog that are pretty common to most. There will always be exceptions.....

For starters, you have to sit down and think about what purpose your blog is going to serve. Is it going to simply be a site filled with information on a particular subject where visitors can get educated? Is it going to be a photo blog? Is it going to be one where you want your visitors to interact with you and the rest of the community? Do you want to show movies on your blog? Are you going to use it to make sales or collect leads? As you can see, just from these few things alone, there are many little widgets you can put on your blog to make it effective.

For the sake of conformity, I'm going to assume that you're planning on using a WordPress blog. WordPress probably has more plugins and widgets than any other platform in existence. There is almost nothing you can't do with a WordPress blog. But what? That's the question.

Well, if you're planning on capturing leads and following up with them in order to make sales, you're going to want to put an opt in form on your blog. Ironically, WordPress does NOT have a plugin for opt in forms, one of the most common things that Internet marketers use. Therefore, you're at the mercy of the autoresponder service that you use for the code to place the form on your blog. I find that the Aweber web form is good enough, though some people don't like it very much. There are other solutions but the good ones cost a pretty penny.

What if you're concerned about spam? Like it or not, once the spammers get wind of your new blog, they're going to be coming after it like a bat out of marketing hell. Well, one great way to keep spam at bay is to use a plugin like Akismet. What this does is it displays a captcha so that the "person" trying to post the comment will have to actually verify that they're a live human being. Now granted, some of these spam bots are pretty smart and can get around this. However, Akismet will take care of most of your spam problems.

I could keep going but I think you get the idea. What you need to do is sit down and figure out what it is you actually want your blog to do. Then, just head over to Google and type in WordPress plugin for, and then whatever it is you're looking for. If it exists, it'll come up.

Like I said, there is no one answer to the question, "What do I need on my blog?" But if you go through your own personal list of "wants" you should have no trouble coming up with all the plugins that you need.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

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How to Use Twitter to Make Money Online

As I learned during my Guerrilla Information Marketing Certified Trainer course of study, one of the best ways to build or rather structure your business is to focus on the development of profit centers. With this in mind, I recently decided to conduct an experiment that involved using Twitter to take a free information product and convert it into a profit center. This article discusses how you can do the exact same thing.

Your first step is to select a product that can be digitally delivered, downloaded if you will. In my case, I chose an instructional video series called

Blogging Made Easy with WordPress

I chose this particular package because from a practical perspective, both novice and seasoned affiliate bloggers would be well served by having this tutorial as both an introduction and a refresher to the WordPress blogging platform. The point being that whatever digital product you select, be sure that it delivers instant value to your target market.

In the case of the video series, the set of 10 videos were short, informative, and had additional intrinsic market value given the fact that Master Resale Rights conveyed with the package.

Because my intent was to develop one or more blog posts on how to use some of what's discussed in the videos to enhance the blog monetization efforts of the readership, it was important that the package be delivered at no cost so that there would be no obstacle for those reading the blog posts to acquire the package for the purpose of having a contextual frame of reference for what they would be reading about. For this reason and of particular note, is the fact that a paid offer was then embedded into package to be delivered.

The point here is that after you've selected your digital product, your next step is to give the product away at no cost. However, before your give the product away, you should embed a relevant and value-added paid offer with the product. The intent here is to easily move your product into the market without a front-end profit objective, as your profit generation strategy is to generate revenue from sales of your embedded, value-added paid offer on the back-end.

After you've selected a digital product to give away and you've embedded your product with a relevant value-added paid offer. Your next step is to establish the mechanism by which your product package availability will be communicated and ultimately delivered to the market.

In my case, I started with the question

What would be a cool way for my blog readers and the market at large to know that they could get a set of FREE WordPress videos?

Contemplating the answer to that question led me to consider my experience with Atomic Blogging strategy, and the use of social networking tools and platforms as both a communication vehicle and a product delivery channel. It was this process that led me to introduce Twitter into my little experiment.

Twitter is a microblogging platform and online community that drives real-time social interaction through brief 140 character responses to the question "What are you doing?".

So, the product communication and delivery mechanism that I set up involved establishing a Twitter account and responding to the question "What are you doing?". I'd recommend you say something like

"Giving away a free product at "

By implementing this strategy, the entire Twitter community is made aware of your product giveaway and provided with a link to download your no-cost product embedded with your paid offer. As a result, you've now used Twitter to take a free information product and convert it into a profit center.

Wayne Brooks is a Guerrilla Information Marketing Certified Trainer, and Founder of YourOnlineBusinessAdvisor.com's Affiliate Blogger Network, a community for Bloggers seeking profitability through affiliate marketing. Feel free to distribute this article in any form as long as you include this resource box. Learn more about Affiliate Blogging, Atomic Blogging, and using Twitter to make money online by visitinghttp://www.YourOnlineBusinessAdvisor.com

Chemistry In Everyday Life

I'll give only a few examples chosen randomly from articles that I, as editor of the Journal of Chemical Education's "Products of Chemistry" feature, solicited from eminent chemists. These are illustrative not exhaustive. The relation to our health or wellness should be obvious.

Polymer production is the world's second-largest industry. After food-related materials, polymers comprise the largest U.S. export market. The American polymer industry is the largest employer of professional chemists and chemical engineers. Plastic films protect and keep fresh many of our foods, and containers made of polyethylene that can be heat-sterilized have become preferred materials for hospital disposable items.

Chemists have transformed chitin, the versatile polysaccharide biomass (material produced by living organisms) into filtration media for water and effluent treatment, dressings for burns, ulcers and skin infections, surgical sutures, contact lenses and glucosamine.

Losing Weight

Obesity is epidemic in our society, especially in children, many of whom have adult-onset diabetes. Chemists have developed weight-reduction products, margarine, reduced-fat foods and noncaloric substitutes for dietary fat such as Olestra. Chemists have synthesized noncaloric sweeteners from saccharin to aspartame.

Glass, made from sand, lime and soda ash, was first prepared about 3500 B.C. Since then chemists have developed myriad types of glasses. Glass was applied to produce lenses and prisms used in a variety of instruments. Such fields as histology, pathology, protozoology, bacteriology and molecular biology (really a branch of chemistry) could not exist without glass instrumentation.

Without glass, Robert Hooke, Anton van Leeuwenhoek, Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur could not have seen microorganisms under the microscope, leading to the germ theory of disease, which revolutionized medicine. Without glass, cells and their division could not have been discovered, and genetics and DNA would have remained unknown. Glass windows allowed light to penetrate into houses making dirt more visible and leading to improvements in hygiene. Glass greenhouses improved the cultivation of fruits and vegetables, resulting in a healthier diet. And without glass spectacles, most of us over the age of 50 would not be able to read this article.


All life is an incredibly complex network of biochemical reactions. Our health and metabolism are sustained by ingestion of foods. Because of their highly perishable nature, vegetables such as cabbage, cucumbers and olives have been preserved by fermentation since earliest times. Fermented vegetable products form a dietary staple of many cultures, such as kimchi in the Orient.

Fermentation products like cheese, bread, beer and wine, constitute some of the earliest applications of chemistry and microbiology to everyday life. Who says that biotechnology is a recent development? And the modern introduction of antioxidants to prevent the rancidity of fats and oils is an outstanding development of food chemistry.

Long before chemists began studying nature's chemicals and the living creatures that synthesize them, humans were making extracts, tinctures and medicines from plants and animals. More recently, chemists have produced a host of drugs, vitamins, antibiotics and food additives and preservatives from natural products. They have outdone nature in producing incredibly potent substances that leave the natural sources far behind.

Some of these were accidental or serendipitous discoveries, but now that the role of enzymes (proteins that catalyze biochemical reactions) are known, this research is much more efficient and closely targeted.

Chemists have even succeeded in producing fantastically complicated molecules from scratch, a process known as total synthesis. And combinatorial chemistry, a new, revolutionary approach to producing and screening pharmaceuticals, a field pioneered by my former student, Richard A. Houghten, is now recognized worldwide as an essential tool that decreases the time and cost of drug discovery as much as 100 fold. Another former student, Dwaine O. Cowan, and I devised a reproducible method for preparing cisplatin, the most effective and widely used anti-cancer drug.

Chemistry - 3 Most Common Mistakes Made by Chemistry Students

By Darrell Causey Platinum Quality Author

Preparing for your chemistry class is a lot like preparing for a sport. You must have discipline, you must develop certain skills and you must practice, practice, practice. No athlete would dream of competing without mastering the skills required for their sport. Likewise, no chemistry student should expect to pass chemistry if they haven't mastered the required skills and put in the time for practice.

Chemistry requires certain skills, you must learn these skills, practice them and find your mistakes. When you find a weak area you must develop a way to strengthen that area. You must be aware of your mistakes, correct them and learn from them. So, here are the three most common mistakes made by chemistry students. Learn to avoid them.

Mistake #1 - Don't learn any algebra skills.

Although there are many conceptual ideas in chemistry, if you plan to master chemistry you must have a working knowledge of simple algebra, scientific notation and significant figures . You should be able to write and manipulate the variables in formulas and equations. You should be able to write equations from simple word problems, balance those equations and write your answers in scientific notation.

Avoid this mistake by taking a refresher course in algebra or purchase a book on simple algebra.

Mistake #2 - Don't learn the Periodic table.

The periodic table is one of the greatest scientific tools ever discovered. It contains a wealth of information about each and everyone of the elements. For each element you can find the:

  • atomic number
  • atomic mass
  • energy levels
  • electron arrangements
  • valence electrons

and so much more. It is a must to how to use the periodic table. You don't have to memorize it, but the more you know about the more time you save.

Avoid this mistake buy getting a tutor or book that will explain the mysteries of the periodic table.

Mistake #3 - Don't learn the metric system.

This is one of the biggest mistakes chemistry students make when learning chemistry and physics. Just because you might be used to the English system of units doesn't mean you can ignore the metric system. Although the official measuring system is the SI units, this system is based on the metric system. Therefore, you need to know what metric amounts look like and how to use and manipulate them.

Avoid this mistake by getting a handout, a book or tutor that can help you practice measuring and converting in metrics.

It is up to you to take action and avoid these common mistakes. But even if you are aware of these mistakes not much will change if you don't practice. I invite you to learn more at Mr Causey's World or go to http://yourCHEMcoach.com