Friday, December 6, 2013

Making Money form Free Websites

If you are reading this article then chances are you are researching ways to make money online and likely haven't attempted it before. You may not even know where to start. You hear about successful internet entrepreneurs who've made their fortune from their blogs or websites, which sounds amazing, but you find yourself asking the question "How the hell do I that? How the hell does anyone do that?"
Well the reality is that it's not an overnight occurrence. The ones who actually have made themselves rich from the internet likely spent years working towards it through hours of tireless effort each day. No, you will not get rich overnight. You can, however, make some money overnight. Using the below method you could earn around £8 - £10 a day.
Here's how:
First thing's first, you'll need to pick a free website builder. Of the Top 10 ranked online website builders only three of them are free for an unlimited time; they are, and Pick one of these to use for building your website quickly.
Next, choose a product you'd like to sell. Cars and motorbikes are big sellers, so let's choose a make of bike. My personal favourite is Honda. They're immensely popular and sell like crazy, especially the classic ones. Create a site using one of the site builders mentioned above and add a Honda picture, a YouTube video about Honda bikes and a bit of text about them to the homepage.
Then head over to Google AdWords, Ad Choices or any other advert creator. Create an ad with relevant keywords and add the URL to your site to it. When people click your advert they will be taken to your site which will contain live eBay listings of Honda motorbikes. You will need to join eBay's affiliate program, which only takes a few minutes and add the HTML of the eBay auction to your site. The site builder you pick will have instructions on how to do this.
When someone clicks on the auction they will be taken to eBay. Your affiliate ID will be recorded and if the person you referred to eBay registers you will be paid up to £10 and around 50% commission if they win the auction.
Now I know £10 a day doesn't seem like much, but I never said you can only set up one of these campaigns. You can set up as many as you like! Ten, fifty or even a hundred if you want. Find out what sells well on eBay and create campaigns based around them. This is definitely the easiest way to make money online and is also a great jumping off point if you want to explore other ways of earning an online income full-time.

How to Write Chemical Name

Determining chemical names can be an overwhelming task if you don't have a system to help keep things in order. The first thing you don't want to do is memorize a bunch of stuff. Memorization should be kept to a minimum.

You will learn chemical names and how to create them through repetition and practice. So remember you must practice to be any good at naming chemicals.
Strategy #1 Know the Periodic Table
You must know the periodic table and how it is structured. All the chemical names are based on the names of the elements so be familiar with them and keep a periodic table handy.

Strategy #2 Know the Polyatomic Ions
Many chemicals are composed of a polyatomic ion and a metal or two polyatomic ions. So, it is helpful to have handy a list of the most common polyatomic ions.

Strategy #3 Know the Elements and their IonsIt is very useful to know your major elements and their ions or oxidation numbers. Especially for ionic compounds because their charge must be balanced to zero.

Strategy #4 Know the Metals with Multiple Charges
Many of the metals have more than one possible charge, so you will need a list of these metals ions and their names to help you with chemical naming.

Strategy #5 Remember Most Chemical Names are Binary
Remember that most chemical names are binary, which means that they have two parts. These two parts may consist of an element with an element; an element with a polyatomic ion; or two polyatomic ions.

Strategy #6 The Ionic Charges Must Balance
In ionic compounds the charges of the individual ions must balance to zero. So add ions till the positive and negatives cancel out.

Strategy #7 The Most Metallic Substance Goes First
When writing the chemical name the most metallic substance goes first and the least metallic goes second. Remember that the elements to left of the semi-metals are the metals and the elements to the right are the non-metals.
Although these strategies will help improve your ability to name chemical compounds, the most important thing you can do is practice. Just like any other skill practice is the only way to improve.